Learn-to-Curl Information

    A two hour $30 Learn-to-Curl includes some basic instruction and practice followed by playing a real game. You can come as an individual or as a group. We provide all the curling equpment you need. You only need to bring shoes to change into that are not worn outside.  Shoes that are free from debris will keep our ice clean and the playing experience as fun as possible.  We do reserve the right to refund anyone who does not have adequately clean shoes, but want to give every warning possible to avoid that from ever happening.   
    Youth may join a regular "Learn-to-Curl" and learn alongside adults. However, curling successfully requires moving around a 42lb stone and pushing it roughly 140 feet on ice. Through our experience, we have found that 12 year olds and over had no trouble managing this. With 10 and 11 year olds, it depends on the child some will have success and some will not. For under 10 years old we recommend one of our youth programs geared specifically for children of that age range.
    *Learn to curls are NOT private events.  If you would like a private event, please look here for info/pricing or click below to see if you can register for an upcoming Learn-to-Curl. 
    Note: The instructor has the right to remove anyone from the ice behaving in an unsafe manner without refund.
    Click HERE to register for a Learn-to-Curl.
    What to expect at a Learn-to-Curl
    • Brief overview of how to play
    • Learn to deliver a rock
    • Learn how to sweep
    • Break into teams and play (groups and families will be kept together)
    • After your class is over The 9th End bar will be open and we invite you to stay for a drink. 
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How can I try curling?
    We offer regular 2 hour learn to curl lessons throughout the fall and winter. Spaces are limited!
    Do you wear ice skates to curl?
    No, curlers don't wear skates, while many league members wear special curling shoes, any clean rubber soled athletic shoe will work.  You CANNOT curl in the shoes that you wore to the club, even if you put grippers on them.
    Do I need to bring any special equipment?
    Clean rubber soled athletic shoes are required.  You CANNOT curl in the shoes that you wore to the club, even if you put grippers on them. All other equipment will be provided.
    What should I wear?
    Dress for 40 degree temperatures.  We suggest comfortable pants, a hoodie/fleece, jacket, hat and gloves. Layers are good so you can adjust as you get warm from sweeping. Also, bring clean rubber soled athletic shoe will work.  You CANNOT curl in the shoes that you wore to the club, even if you put grippers on them. You may also wear a helmet or protective headgear for protection in potential falls.
    Is there free parking?
    Yes, we have ample free parking at the Black Swamp Curling Center! We are located at 19901 N. Dixie Highway, Bowling Green.
    Can we come watch curling?
    Absolutely! Spectators are always welcome to come watch for free from the comfort of our warm room or The 9th End bar. There are usually curlers around who will answer any questions you may have about the sport.
    Is curling ice the same as skating ice?
    Curling ice is not the same as skating ice. Skating ice is perfectly flat, but curling ice has tiny little bumps on it called pebbles. The pebble has much better grip than your common skating ice. 
    Do you offer wheelchair curling?
    We can accommodate wheelchair curling! Our curling center is completely wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair curling is part of the Paralympic Winter Games and we welcome new wheelchair curlers in all of our learn to curl classes and leagues.  Please reach out to the club in advance so we can make the most out of your experience.
    I did a learn to curl and want to keep curling, What can I do?
    That's great, we offer 5 to 6 weeek "Starter Leagues" which are a great way to continue instruction while also getting a chance to play every week. You can learn about Starter Leagues by clicking Here.
    Do you have weekly leagues open to new curlers? 
    We also welcome new curlers in all of our leagues! Ready to jump into a league - email us and we'll find you a team:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    What if I can't make it to my learn to curl?
    Please contact us right away so we can open your spot(s) to other people.
    Can I walk in without registering?
    We cannot guarantee you a spot if you have not registered. Our classes have limited spots available.
    What about safety?
    While curling is played on ice, we do make every effort to ensure your safety with proper instruction and equipment. If we see horseplay we will ask you to leave the ice for the safety of yourself and others.

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    The Bowling Green Curling Club is the only curling club in Northwest Ohio. We curl at the Black Swamp Curling Center and new members are always welcome! Come on out and enjoy the good people and good times that occur while curling.  We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive and we hope to see you on the ice soon.