A two hour Learn-to-Curl includes some basic instruction and practice followed by playing a real game. You can come as an individual or bring a group.

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When coming to a Learn-to-Curl, dress for near-freezing temperatures and wear comfortable clothing. You will be very active, especially while sweeping the rocks and moving down the ice. Please bring (instead of wearing) clean athletic shoes to wear while on the ice. It is unsafe to curl in heels, boots, or dress shoes. Also, it is very important that curling ice does not get dirt, salt or ice-melting product on it. We will provide all of the other necessary equipment.
Learn-to-Curls are open to anyone 10 or older. Curlers with physical limitations, such as a bad back or knees, can curl using a delivery stick. Stick curlers can play in any of our leagues. The ice is also wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair curling is part of the Paralympic Winter Games.
For groups of 16 or more people, you can arrange your own private learn-to-curl session.  For information on renting ice time and warm room use, click here.
The Black Swamp Curling Center has a great bar with a good selection of both soft and hard beverages.The custom in curling is that players stick around after the game and have a drink with both their teammate and opponents.

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