Sign up for Leagues for 2016-2017 will begin in September.

Curlers sign up for leagues as individuals, as teams, or as groups of 2 or 3. The signup is done via the club's website in September. Drawmasters (the club member in charge of the schedule for each league) create the actual teams based on member’s requests, and they make an effort to honor requests regarding the composition of the teams. At the same time, the drawmasters try to balance the teams in their leagues. Consequently, they may discourage teams consisting solely of beginners or teams that have too much experience, depending on the relative competitiveness of the league.

The club’s goal is to have leagues consisting of 6 or 7 teams. Six teams can play at the same time, and we aspire to not have any empty sheets. In a league with 7 teams, one team will have a bye each week. In addition, teams take turns providing post-game snacks for the league. Snack duties are generally assigned by the drawmaster.

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