Curling rentals include access to brooms, grippers, and sliders (don’t worry – we’ll teach you what those are), and two hours of instruction from experienced curling instructors.

Warm Room rentals include four 5’ round tables and four 6’ long rectangular tables.

Bartenders will provide fountain sodas, bottled beer, local microbrews on tap, wine, and mixed drinks.  Our liquor permit does not allow you to bring in outside beverages of any sort.  We can serve only beer on Sundays.

We do not provide food – you may carry in your own food, hire a caterer, or order from a nearby establishment.  There are restaurants in both Bowling Green and Perrysburg that will deliver to our facility.

Curling rentals:

Register for our regularly scheduled Learn to Curls and ask about our monthly small group dates, where we charge $20 per person. For large groups (17 or more), we charge by the sheet, $125 per sheet per hour, minimum of two hours.

17-24 people – 3 sheets ($750) 
25-32 people – 4 sheets ($1000)

The warm room is included in all curling rentals for half an hour before and after your curling session.  Additional warm room time is $75/hour.

Warm Room rental only:

Up to four hours: $300, $150 deposit
Up to eight hours: $600, $150 deposit
Bartender is an additional $25/hour for all rentals

Reduced rates are available for youth groups.

For more information about club rentals contact 567-218-3225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Example 1:
You’d like to bring your model train club to try out curling.  There are 24 participants, and you’d like to have a meeting afterwards.  That’s $750 for the curling lesson/game and $75 for an hour-long meeting afterwards.  

Example 2:
You’re in charge of organizing your company’s team-building activity.  There are 50 people coming and 24 of them want to curl.  Since your supervisor is awesome, you’ll be using the bar, too.  Let’s assume a half-day outing.  Three sheets of ice for two hours is $750.  Some folks will be doing an alternate activity in the warm room while others are curling, and the entire group will want some time to do other group activities after the curling session.  Your ice time rental includes 2.5 hours of warm room rental, and you’ll be here 4.5 hours, so there is an additional $150 for the extra two hour use of the warm room.  An additional $100 for the bartender for four hours brings the total for the outing to $1000.  

Example 3:
There is no way you’re cleaning out the garage for your daughter’s graduation party.  Where would you even put all that stuff?  That late in the year we won’t have ice, so curling lessons aren’t an option.  You’d like some time ahead of the party to decorate and whatnot, and some time at the end to clean up and load her graduation gifts into your van.  An eight hour rental is $600, and you’d like the bar to be available to your guests for four hours, for an additional $100. 

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