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Summer happenings

What an incredible season this has been for the Bowling Green Curling Club. Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard to make dedicated curling ice a reality.

With the ice now melted, it’s time to think about summer plans. We have the building. We have the bar.  And we have dates already scheduled.

Summer Schedule:

June 3rd                           - End of Year Awards Banquet / Annual Meeting

June 24th                          - Summer Club Event

July 8th                             - Summer Club Event

July 22nd                           - Summer Club Event

August 5th                          - Summer Club Event

August 19th                        - Summer Club Event

September 9th                    - Summer Club Event

September 23rd                  - Summer Club Event

October 7th                         - Summer Club Event / Semi Annual Meeting

You obviously notice a number of “Summer Club Events”.  Our goal is to have an event at the club every two weeks.  We are asking that people (or teams) chose one of the dates above and host that day’s event.  That hosts will be responsible for coming up with the theme of the event, publicizing it, and making sure any help/volunteers are engaged.  Club events can be as simple or as complex as desired. 

If you would like to host a club event please reply to Gary Saddler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to reserve your date and also discuss any special needs your event may require.  We hope you will all take part in making our off-season a success for the club.

The fall schedule is still being revised, but a few highlights are below.

October 8th                              - Ice installation begins

October 21st                             - Official Opening Ceremony for the Black Swamp Curling Center

October 27th - 29th                   - Women’s Bonspiel

October 29th                             - Leagues Begin

November 18th -19th                 - Mixed Doubles bonspiel

November 24th                          - Black Friday Curling

December 9th                            - Christmas Clubspiel

December 31st                           - New Year’s Eve Curling

January 13th - 14th                     - 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Bowling Green Curling Club

February 2nd - 4th                       - Groundhog Day Bonspiel

February 16th - March 3rd            - League Play Suspended for Olympic Open Houses

March 17th - 18th                        - USWCA 5 and Under Bonspiel

April 18th                                   - Melting of the Ice

Ladies Bonspiel Planning Meeting

If you are interested in helping with the October 27-29 Ladies Bonspiel at our club please come to a planning meeting Wednesday May 31 at 6:30pm at the club.  If you would like to help but cannot come to this meeting please let Martha or Mary G know.


If further encouragement is needed, we do expect to have a bartender that evening.

Ice removal complete


 To all of you who stepped up in the last few days to help with the potential ice removal disaster.  Thank you, thank you.

What did you do?  Not much, except, we had almost 9,000 square feet of ice that we together broke into pieces loaded into wheelbarrows wheeled outside, and dumped.

What did we save?  The warm space.

Because of the unlevel nature of our floor most of the melting ice originally 11,000+ gallons of water, as it leaked out of our curbing, was 90% moving east, toward the warm room, requiring 24 hour attention, and would likely have continued for many more days.

We removed that ice in less than 24 hours manually.

Again,  thank you.

Oh, Paula says, I should tell you all this is not how we will do it next year.
We will be sealing the curbing to hold back the water so it can be drained properly.

Michael: for better or worse, your ice guy

Anniversary celebration

The Bowling Green Curling Club officially started on May 11, 1967 and to celebrate the anniversary, there will be a toast and cake at the club 5/11 at 7:30 PM.  The bar will be open as well. Please come out and celebrate the start of our club!

BGCC History On This Day 
May 11, 1967 – The First Meeting

Bowling Green State University opened the doors of its new Ice Arena on February 10, 1967. Occupying the southern wing of the Ice Arena was a curling rink with four sheets of ice and a lounge designed for viewing the curling ice. Since curling was a new sport to this area, it was necessary to hold free curling clinics and open curling sessions to introduce the game. Tom Reicosky, who worked for the University Athletic Department, was appointed to be the first “director of curling.” He organized some informal leagues that continued to operate until the end of the school year. 
J. Howard Starr, the manager of the Ice Arena, appointed a Steering Committee for Curling that met on May 11, 1967. This committee recommended the formation of a curling club for the following year.

nteresting tidbit from J. Howard Starr's Wikipedia entry: "He was Commissioned a Captain in the Army Air Force in June 1942 and was assigned to the 8th Air Force in England in August 1942. He was part of a secret Military Intelligence Service unit known as MIS-X. The records of this unit remain classified to this date."

End of season


This past Tuesday, we experienced another hardware issue with the chiller that caused it to shutdown. The replacement part needed should be installed today, however, the ice has been melting since Tuesday.  Even if we were to get the chiller started back up, at best, we would not be able to curl again until next Wednesday and this would require extensive work by the ice crew.  

The benefit of gaining just over one more week of curling at this point is far outweighed by the effort to get there. Therefore, the 2016-17 curling season isofficially ended as of today.  More details on how we will wrap up the season will be forthcoming.  

Planning for next season will begin immediately and a plan to address our chiller issues is also in development.  We do not anticipate having these hardware issues next season.

Our last scheduled event is the Year-End Meeting and Banquet on June 3 at 5pm. Please plan on attending as we will be wrapping up this inaugural season and starting on next season.

More information coming in the next weeks and months.

If you have any questions, please contact Gary Saddler

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