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Board meeting

Greetings, fellow curlers!

A board meeting and elections took place last night and their results are as follows:

Bryan Zimmerman, President

Dave Miller, Vice President

Elizabeth "Liz" Spencer, Secretary

Matt Smith, Treasurer

The board ratified all chairpersons and has vital positions to fill for the Youth program. This can be co-chaired by two people with other volunteers recruited to help. Please consider what assistance you could provide in building this program and teaching young curlers. If you are interested in co-chairing or helping with the kids, please contact Bryan Zimmerman or Gary Saddler for details! 

The board also passed the resolution regarding the Supporter Loan Program (SLP), that information is below

An organizational chart will be sent out shortly as well, showing which committees report to the board--and which of them report to the operations committee--which ultimately reports to the board. 

With the flurry of trying to build our new facility so quickly, communications with the membership as a whole were less frequent and that is something we are working to get back on track with now. As you know, our calendar is filling up for the upcoming season and we have more work to do together to make our new club a true success. 

I want to thank everyone who came out for our inaugural annual meeting last week; it was a great time and very humbling for some in our new home.

I hope you share my optimism for the coming year. As we said Saturday night, this is the single largest "opportunity" our club has, or will experience for some time. It is our 50th anniversary and the Olympics all in the same year! Just think if we could double (80) the amount of new curlers from the last Olympics...How fun would it be to meet all the new curlers (and have things to worry about like multi league nights again)? Furthermore, it would mean some major relief in our mortgage payments!

In closing, we are transitioning from manual labor (insulation moving, and vacuuming water as it melts) to intellectual labor, so to speak. All we need to do is continue combining our individual talents, time and energy--as we have been doing all along--to launch this dream we've built, to new heights. 

Buckle up it's going to be a blast! 


BGCC Supporter Loan Program Summary April, 2017

Bowling Green Curling Club (BGCC) is requesting assistance from its supporters through a Supporter Loan Program (SLP). The SLP offers supporters the opportunity to invest funds into the club, receive an annual interest payment and be repaid in the future. The goal is to raise $200,000 with this program, which will provide BGCC the necessary capital to ensure a smooth transition from a startup operation into a mature organization.

Program Details

Minimum loan amount: $5,000.

Annual Percentage Yield: 2.5% (calculated and paid at the end of each year)

Beginning in the sixth year, BGCC will allocate a minimum of $25,000 per year to repay to the loans. The sequence of investor repayment will be selected by lottery each year. Each investor selected can choose from the following options.

  1. Elect to not be repaid at this time and be re-entered into the lottery for the next year

  2. Partial repayment at this time (remaining balance carries forward)

  3. Full repayment (If remaining allocation is insufficient, any remaining balance carries


Additional investors will be selected from the lottery until the full amount allocated is exhausted.

At any time, investors may donate any part of their loan to the club as a tax deductible charitable donation.


Your participation in this program will assist in financially stabilizing BGCC and securing its ability to fulfill its mission to grow the sport of curling in Northwest Ohio.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. With the support of people like you, we can continue to fulfil our club mission to grow the sport of curling in Northwest Ohio.

Card Night and a Missing Wheelbarrow

Phil Gohr will be hosting a BGCC "Card Night" on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 7pm at the BSCC.  Games and food  and The 9th End will be open. Come out for the first fun Summer Event of the season!  See attached flyer for more info!


When the ice was being taken out, a few of the volunteers brought wheelbarrows out to help remove the ice. We also borrowed a couple from Drew Downey, one of our contractors. His were BLUE JACKSON brand wheelbarrows.  One of his is missing and a BLACK TRUE TEMPER wheelbarrow remains at the club.  

Check your wheelbarrow: if you took the wrong one home by mistake, contact Mike Nelson (to get them swapped back.

Historical items wanted

We are looking for any items related to the history of the club (old photos, bonspiel programs, banquet programs, etc.).  Please bring the items to the banquet and be sure to label with your name so they can be returned.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Piroth or Liz Spencer.

Banquet update

Next Saturday we will be raising our glasses to the champions and the curlers at our annual BGCC Awards Banquet!


Please don’t forget to sign up for the banquet on Saturday night, June 3. Here is why: we are grilling steaks and potatoes so we need a pretty close count. We will be shopping on Friday morning.


Please bring your favorite dish to pass!


Looking forward to cheers on Saturday.

Summer happenings

What an incredible season this has been for the Bowling Green Curling Club. Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard to make dedicated curling ice a reality.

With the ice now melted, it’s time to think about summer plans. We have the building. We have the bar.  And we have dates already scheduled.

Summer Schedule:

June 3rd                           - End of Year Awards Banquet / Annual Meeting

June 24th                          - Summer Club Event

July 8th                             - Summer Club Event

July 22nd                           - Summer Club Event

August 5th                          - Summer Club Event

August 19th                        - Summer Club Event

September 9th                    - Summer Club Event

September 23rd                  - Summer Club Event

October 7th                         - Summer Club Event / Semi Annual Meeting

You obviously notice a number of “Summer Club Events”.  Our goal is to have an event at the club every two weeks.  We are asking that people (or teams) chose one of the dates above and host that day’s event.  That hosts will be responsible for coming up with the theme of the event, publicizing it, and making sure any help/volunteers are engaged.  Club events can be as simple or as complex as desired. 

If you would like to host a club event please reply to Gary Saddler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to reserve your date and also discuss any special needs your event may require.  We hope you will all take part in making our off-season a success for the club.

The fall schedule is still being revised, but a few highlights are below.

October 8th                              - Ice installation begins

October 21st                             - Official Opening Ceremony for the Black Swamp Curling Center

October 27th - 29th                   - Women’s Bonspiel

October 29th                             - Leagues Begin

November 18th -19th                 - Mixed Doubles bonspiel

November 24th                          - Black Friday Curling

December 9th                            - Christmas Clubspiel

December 31st                           - New Year’s Eve Curling

January 13th - 14th                     - 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Bowling Green Curling Club

February 2nd - 4th                       - Groundhog Day Bonspiel

February 16th - March 3rd            - League Play Suspended for Olympic Open Houses

March 17th - 18th                        - USWCA 5 and Under Bonspiel

April 18th                                   - Melting of the Ice

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