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1) Our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION IS ALMOST HERE! This Saturday October 21 from noon-5pm. We could really use more people to curl duing the opening - this is a chance to show the public what curling is all about. We will not be holding a learn to curl during the Opening Celebration, however visitors can sign up on site for learn to curls.

Please sign up to volunteer or to curl here:

2) Have you signed up for leagues yet? Please do so quickly as we will be signing up a lot of new people this weekend!

3) Don't forget Thirsday Thursday this week at 5:00-9:00pm.

4) The first bonspiel of the season is October 27-29. The Ladies Bonspiel is now looking for volunteers to help with the evetn - please sign up here: There is a planning meeting this FRIDAY at 6:30 at the club for all those who itnerested.

5) One of our former members Kathleen, Kananen has passed away. Information about Friday's service can be found here:!/Obituary

6) A message from Mary G. about the Scots Tour:
Thank you to everyone who was able to come out to the curling club on Saturday for my presentation on my tour of Scotland last November. There were a few statistics that I wanted to mention, but forgot to look up prior to the presentation, so here they are:
The final score was USA 807 and Scotland 568.
We curled a total of (91) 8-end games, and (5) 6-end games.
We threw 6,064 stones for a total of 260,752 pounds of granite.
We spent approximately 192 hours on the ice and traveled 1,659 miles on our bus.
We had 37 uniform changes and sang 58 songs.
For anyone who was not able to make it on Saturday and is interested in seeing my presentation, just ask. I also gave Bryan Z. a flash drive of the presentation, so if you are interested in seeing it at the club, just ask and I am sure that you will somehow be able to view it.
Thank you everyone for all of your love and support of my travels.

Grand Opening

The ice is going in and the final preparations are underway for our Grand Opening Celebration - the kick off to what is going to be an amazing season at the Black Swamp Curling Center. 




The Grand Opening Celebration begins at noon on October 21, 2017. Formal opening will run until 12:30, followed by curling, food, and live music at 2:00pm until 5:00. Family, friends, neighbours, co-workers - EVERYONE is invited!

Please sign up here to curl or volunteer to help out. After everyone's hard work make this curling center a reality, lets make this a celebration to remember!


Sign up here to curl and volunteer:

Ice Mat Help Needed

We still need your help cleaning the ice mats to get ready for installing the ice next week. It's not difficult. We do need more clean mops and rags, so if you have either or both, please bring along!

We'll be out there Wednesday and Thursday nights at 5:30pm.

Thank you everyone.

See you on the ice (mats)!

Curling Updates

Mark Your Calendars!

1) Thirsty Thursday - October 5th, 5:00-9:00pm (or later). The women's bonspiel committee will also be meeting at 6:00 - if you have raffle items you can drop them off.

2) Semi-Annual Meeting (3:30) and Banquet (5:00) - Saturday October 7. Please RSVP to Angie as soon as possible EMAIL. The minutes of the previous meeting are attached.

3) Registration is now open for two coaching sessions on Saturday, November 4. The cost for each session is $40/person and includes lunch at the club. Register for one or both here: Registration. All levels of experince are welcome.

4) Grand Opening Celebration of the Black Swamp Curling Center is OCTOBER 21 from noon to 5:00pm! Soon we'll be sending out a request for volunteers and for curlers to play in our first games of the season!

4)Please vote in the 50th Anniversary Pin Contest Deadline is this Friday.

Get Coached

 Curling Stones Gallery

We are excited to announce that Canadian Curling Coach, Jason Rice will be leading two instructional sessions at the club on Saturday, November 4. Jason is a former junior champion in Canada. He is certified as a coach by Curling Canada and the Ontario Curling Association and has coached medal-winning university teams.

The first session is from 9:30 to 11:30 am. It will focus on delivery and sweeping and is geared toward all levels of curlers.

The second session is from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. This will be a more advanced session that will include one-on-one delivery analysis, as well as discussion of line reading and team communication.

The cost for each session is $40/person and includes lunch at the club. Register for one or both at

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