Those who play in BGCC’s regular leagues are required to be members of the club. Club membership provides voting rights at our two semi-annual member’s meetings. Club members are also eligible to play as substitutes for no charge in any of our regular leagues.

Club membership includes membership in our national and regional curling associations. Membership in the United States Curling Association (USCA) provides benefits for both individual curlers and for the BGCC. Curlers receive the USCA’s publication, The Curling News, and also become eligible to compete in national events. The club benefits from USCA programs, such as Instructor’s Clinics and Ice Making Clinics.

The club participates in national governance through our membership in the Great Lakes Curling Association (GLCA), which sends representatives to the USCA Board of Directors. In addition, the GLCA organizes regional playdowns for curlers seeking to compete for various national championships. The GLCA also coordinates a circuit of bonspiels at clubs in the region.

There is also an option for club members to become a member of the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA). Despite the name, the USWCA is open to both women and men. It sponsors various events, including bonspiels and the annual All-American competition.

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