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Want to learn to curl like an Olympian?
The Black Swamp Curling Center invites you to come out and discover curling!
Registration is now open for Winter/Spring Learn-to-Curl classes (ages 12+). You can come as an individual or bring a group. Click HERE to register for a 2 Hour Learn-to-Curl.
Have you already tried curling and are ready to see what is next? Click HERE to learn about your league options.
What to expect at a Learn-to-Curl
Please arrive about 15 minutes early for your Learn-To-Curl. This will give enough time for registration and to get your equipment selected. Once your class starts, it will take roughly two hours and will consist of the following:
  • Brief overview of the game and how to play
  • How to properly deliver a rock
  • How and when to sweep a rock
  • Break into teams and play a short game (groups will be kept together if possible)
  • All participants take home a souvenir Bowling Green Curling Club pint glass, too!
After your Learn-to-Curl is over, we invite you to join us for snacks and a drink in our warm room! You may even get pulled into a game of Crokinole! 
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I try curling?
We offer regular 2 hour Learn-to-Curl classes throughout the fall and winter. During the Olympics we are offering classes every day of the week, and multiple classes on weekends! Spaces are limited!
Click HERE to register for a Learn-to-Curl.
How hard is it?
Anyone can curl. It doesn't matter if you are strong or weak, tall or short, fast or slow, young or old. We have curlers of all ages and abilities. We also have equipment to help people that may have difficulty delivering a rock with a traditional slide delivery. 
How do I prepare?
All required equipment will be provided for you. Come dressed for 40 degree temperatures.  We suggest comfortable pants, a hoodie/fleece, jacket, hat and gloves. Layers are good so you can adjust as you get warm from sweeping. Please bring clean athletic shoes with you to change into so we can keep dirt and salt off of the ice.  
How do I get there?
The Black Swamp Curling Center is located at 19901 N. Dixie Highway, Bowling Green. It is on SR 25 one mile south of SR 582. Once you get to the curling center, use the front sidewalk to get to the 2nd building. Look for the Black Swamp Curling Center sign on the door.
Can we just watch curling?
Absolutely! Spectators are always welcome to come watch for free from the comfort of our warm room or The 9th End bar. There are usually curlers around who will answer any questions you may have about the sport.
Do you offer wheelchair curling?
Yes, we do! Our curling center is completely wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair curling is part of the Paralympic Winter Games and we welcome new wheelchair curlers in all of our Learn-to-Curl classes and leagues.
I did a learn to curl and want to keep curling, What can I do?
That's great, we have options just for you! Immediately following the Olympics we will be offering six week "Starter Leagues" which are a great way to continue instruction while also getting a chance to play every week. You can register for a starter league on-line or you can sign up onsite after your Learn-to-Curl.
Click HERE to register for a Starter League.
We also welcome new curlers in all of our leagues! Ready to jump into a league - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll help you find a league that is right for you.
What if I can't make it to my Learn-to-Curl?
If you cannot make it to your Learn-to-Curl, please contact us right away so we can re-open your spot(s) to other people.
Can I walk in without registering?
We cannot guarantee you a spot if you have not registered. Our class sizes are limited to ensure everyone has lots of time to play.
What about safety?
While curling is played on ice, we do make every effort to ensure your safety with proper instruction and equipment. If we see horseplay we will ask you to leave the ice for the safety of yourself and others.

Upcoming Events

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Time: 09:30 am - 05:00 pm
Category: Bonspiel

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