Learn to Curl

A two hour Learn-to-Curl includes some basic instruction and practice followed by playing a real game. You can come as an individual or bring a group.

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When coming to a Learn-to-Curl, dress for approximately 40 degree temperatures and wear comfortable clothing. You will be very active, especially while sweeping the rocks and moving down the ice. Please bring (instead of wearing) clean athletic shoes to wear while on the ice, to help us keep the ice free of dirt and salt.It is unsafe to curl in heels, boots, or dress shoes. We will provide all of the other necessary equipment.
Learn-to-Curls are open to anyone 10 or older. Curlers with physical limitations, such as a bad back or knees, can curl using a special delivery stick that does not require bending down and sliding to throw a rock. Stick curlers can play in any of our leagues. The ice is also wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair curling is part of the Paralympic Winter Games and we welcome new wheelchair curlers in all of our learn to curl classes and leagues.
For groups of 17 or more people, you can arrange your own private learn-to-curl session.  For information on renting ice time and warm room use, click here.
The Black Swamp Curling Center has a great bar, The 9th End, offering a full range of craft beers, liquor, wine and soft drinks.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I try curling?
We offer regular 2 hour learn to curl lessons throughout the fall and winter. New curlers are also always welcome to join any of our leagues - email us if you'd to join a league in the middle of the season This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Do you wear ice skates to curl?
No, curlers don't wear skates, while many league members wear special curling shoes, any clean rubber soled athletic shoe will work.
Do I need to bring any special equipment?
No, all equipment is provided! 
What should I wear?
Dress for 40 degree temperatures. Comfrotable pants, a hoodie or fleece, jacket and a hat and gloves. Layers are good so you can adjust as you get warm from sweeping.
Is curling ice the same as hockey or skating ice?
Curling ice is not the same as hockey or skating ice. Typical arena ice is perfectly flat, but curling ice has tiny little bumps on it. Before the game, the ice is prepped with a fine spray of warm water (known as pebbling the ice), which melts and creates tiny bumps known as the pebble. The pebble has much better grip than your common skating ice. This pebble also allows curling rocks to travel across the ice. A curling rock doesn’t move across skating ice very well.

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