Learn to Curl

So what is a "Learn to Curl"?

The Bowling Green Curling Club wants the larger community to have the opportunity to actually experience the sport of curling first hand, and therefore regularly opens the ice to individuals and groups to come out and actually experience the thrill of sliding a forty pound granite stone down a 130 foot sheet of ice.

This two hour activity includes one hour of basic instruction and practice followed by playing an actual game. Typically, a certified curling instructor begins by discussing safety concerns. Ice has two aspects which can make this sport kind of scary:  it is hard and it is slippery. The club has purchased "grippers" and offers them to new curlers to minimize the risks associated with the slipperiness factor. These are overshoes that are made of a special rubber compound which increases the friction between your shoes and the ice, thus making it less likely that you will slip and fall while curling.

When coming to a Learn to Curl, you will need to dress for room temperatures near freezing in comfortable activity clothing. Know that part of the instructional time you will be standing and listening; other times you will be very active, especially while sweeping the rocks while moving down the ice.

It is especially important that you bring, do not wear, "clean" athletic shoes to wear while on the ice.  It is critical that curling ice remains clean and not get ice-melting product on it. "Clean" means new, never worn outside, or washed in fresh water, paying special attention to the soles.  Shoes often have soles with small groves where dirt and little pebbles will catch. Inspect them well. Curling is a very exciting, fun sport and is well worth all efforts necessary to keep the ice clean and playable.

Each person will be given a broom to play the game. The when and why of sweeping will be discussed during the instruction part of the Learn to Curl.

The basics of the game will be reviewed, but our primary interest is to get you throwing the stone safely and preparing you to play a real game. The instruction involves a short series of practice sequences which teach the basic movements of the delivery: "line","handle",and "weight", all of which will be explained on the ice.

Throughout all this you will have plenty of coaching. After this instruction and practice time, you will play several ends (innings) of an actual game. This first outing will probably not make you an Olympic competitor, but most everyone has a really good time experiencing the thrill of throwing rocks on ice. And of course you can finish your curling experience with a libation from our beverage center. We have a real bar with a good selection of both soft and hard beverages. The custom in curling is that the winning team buys the losing team the first round after the game is over.

Come on out and give curling a try. You never know, you might get hooked.

But what if... 

I want to try out curling, but I can’t talk any of my friends into coming with me.
That’s OK, we believe in making strangers our friends and our friends a little stranger.  Sign up for one of the learn-to-curl sessions.  We’re pretty sure all our instructors have had their shots. Click here to register.

I want to try out curling with a few of my friends.
Great!  It is important to have friend who are just as excited to try new things as you are.  If you all sign up for the same learn-to-curl session, you will have a blast together.  And heck, you might even become lifelong teammates! Click here to register.

I want to bring out a large group of friends/my church group/my entire department/4H club… can we do that?
Yes!  And you’ll have a blast!  For groups of 16 or more people, you can arrange your own private learn-to-curl session.  Need to do professional development during the work day?  We can do that!  After school activity? Yep!  3AM?  Wow, I didn’t realize vampires were interested in curling …we will try our best to make that work.  For information on renting ice time and warm room use, click here.

I’d like to try out curling, but I have concerns about my physical limitations.  
Curling is a remarkably versatile sport.  Bowling Green Curling Club has members of all ages, in varying states of disrepair!  For curlers with a bad back or replacement joints, you will learn how to “stick curl” as your classmates are learning how to slide out of the hack.  Stick curlers can play in any of our club leagues, and there are events that are only for stick curlers.  We also have wheelchair-accessible ice, and wheelchair curling is part of the Paralympic Winter Games.

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